Deep Bed Scrubber/Gas phase air filtration systems

Tanks CO2 Scrubber

Mechanical filters for air purification cannot efficiently obliterate gas contaminants. Chemical cleaning methods are used in such cases.

Air purification of harmful gas formations is carried out with the help of absorbent carbons or aluminum oxide elements. Chemical air purification is used to prevent corrosive, odorous, or toxic gases from penetrating into indoor air as they can have a negative impact on human health, electronic devices, or production processes. Corrosive gases are sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and ammonia. Condensation of these gases on metal surfaces of sensitive electrical and electronic devices can cause work disruptions, operation disturbances, and can interrupt production, ultimately leading to financial loss. Gases can also cause unpleasant odors that decrease human comfort.

Chemical air purification effectively removes gas contaminants from outside air, recirculated air, and waste air. Our chemical filtering materials effectively obliterate odors, gas contaminants, and contaminants causing corrosion in industrial production environments. We can find an appropriate solution for your air purification needs. We will select the needed air purification equipment, and produce and deliver it in the agreed time.
Target contaminants of filtratiom media:

Oxides of sulfur (SOx)
Nitric oxides (NOx)
Hydrogen sulfide
Lower molecular weight aldehydes and organic acids
Odorous pollutants from makeup air.
Automobiles and other sources of fossil fuel combustion
produce these pollutants

Emissions from office furnishings and human bioeffluents