Dry Gas Scrubber

Dry Gas Scrubber is a device which eliminates pollutant gases and particulates from industrial exhaust streams. In some cases, Dry Gas Scrubbers are installed to remove or neutralize the harmful substances emitted by chemicals stored inside the storage tanks. Dry Scrubbing Systems are used to remove corrosive and toxic gases from outside sources.

Many common chemical and mechanical processes produce toxic by-products such as acid gases, hydrogen sulphide and chlorine gases and many other harmful substances. Having the Alfaintek Dry Gas Scrubber is an essential stage for many processes in ensuring that the environmental costs remain low.

Dry Gas Scrubbing System is an important part of gas phase filtration which helps to maintain high environmental standards and is a vital process for various industries.

Alfaintek Dry Gas Scrubbers can also be used as emergency gas scrubbers to help capture and eliminate toxic gases released by industrial processes before they leak into the atmosphere and environment.

Alfaintek Dry Gas Scrubbers provide innovative technology of Gas Phase Filtration used to eliminate odours, toxic and corrosive gases.

Alfaintek Oy offers two types of dry scrubbers. The first type includes a fan, particulate filters and chemical media filters. Passive types are also available and they are produced without a fan. Dry Gas Scrubbers force polluted air through a chamber with chemical media. The Alfaintek Dry Scrubbing System utilizes gas phase filtration media in the form of pellets or granules. Air contaminants can be captured by the filtration media due to adsorption and/or chemisorption. Clean air is exhausted into the atmosphere. When the capacity of the dry media is used to its full capacity, it must be replaced.

The advantages of Alfaintek Dry Gas Scrubbers:

  • Fully customized construction
  • Low pressure loss
  • The body produced either from Al galvanized steel or from stainless steel
  • Wide operation temperature for cold and hot climates
  • Easy filter replacement
Dry Gas Scrubber

The field of applications for Alfaintek Dry Gas Scrubbers is extremely wide and can be used for gaseous pollutant removal in almost any industrial and commercial installation.

The configuration of Alfaintek Dry Scrubber units depends on their specific applications.

Dry scrubbing can be very effective at large air flows and at high concentrations of pollutants. The modern dry scrubbing technology offers the ability to remove contaminant gases with the highest possible efficiency when using the Alfaintek system.

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