Clean Air Solutions for individual, public use and Industry

Corrosion Control

Polluted air adversely affects the electronic components of industrial process control equipment, computers, process monitoring systems and data collection. Alfaintek Chemical Air Filters for Gas Phase and Deep Bed Scrubber for Corrosion Control prevent corrosion of your electronic equipment and provide its trouble-free operation.

Odor Control

Proper vapor phase odor removal technology can eliminate odors caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other gases. We offer various solutions including Dry Scrubbers and Tank Vent Odour Filters for odor elimination within industrial plants, water treatment facilities and public sector.

Toxic Gas Control

The processing industry produces various toxic chemicals in to the atmosphere. We offer Dry Scrubbers and Chemical Filters to remove these toxic gases. Our systems can effectively remove toxic gases and are used by various industries.

CO2 Control

The removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) is crucial in various spaces, including underground shelters and bunkers. The efficient CO2 removal is also essential for professional athletes training in hypoxic rooms as well as cleanrooms. Alfaintek provides CO2 Scrubbers and solutions for these purposes.