About Alfaintek

Since 2005, ALFAINTEK has worked tirelessly to provide high quality air filtration systems to companies in applied full service engineering, construction and maintenance of electricity generation facilities, aluminium smelter complexes, water treatment plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries such as DM Tanks Carbon dioxide (CO2) Traps, Storage Tank Vent Dryers, Carbon dioxide (CO2) Air Scrubbers, Tank Breather filters, Activated Carbon HVAC Air scrubbers.

ALFAINTEK develops and produces air filtration systems to removing:

  • chemical vapours, odorous and toxic gases during operation of closed pressureless storage tanks and vessels;
  • water vapor for larger capacity storage tanks;
  • all current chemicals, acids, lyes, oils and solvents from industrial intake or exhaust systems;
  • carbon dioxide  (CO2) from air when storing demineralised water; 
  • chemicals, odors in the workplace.

For the field of environmental protection, ALFAINTEK supplies air filtration systems including several types of CO2 Air Scrubbers for different applications for such as removing CO2 when applied to the Condensate and Demineralised Water Storage (for DM water tanks), workspaces, chambers.

By offering CO2 air filtration systems for residential and offices ALFAINTEK reduces the need to ventilate using fresh air from outside and as a result the need for cooling or heating.

ALFAINTEK provides sustainable energy-saving and cost-effective air filtration systems and solutions for industrial facilities to meet the specific needs of industrial processes.

Today ALFAINTEK unites the team of fully qualified scientists, chemists and engineers to develop and produce new air filtration systems to combat the constantly changing pollution problems that arise in the complex world of air filtration.

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