Axial Compressor Intake Filter

Rotor disks or drums, rotor blades, stator vanes in axial flow air compressors, aircraft turbo engines and industrial gas turbines are the main parts that usually break down and require replacement. In most case the sole cause for these systems to default is the presence of corrosive contaminants in the air.

The outside air entering the axial compressors contains contaminants that corrode the components within. The problems associated with corrosion are very much related to the location of the compressor or the surrounding environment. Similar corrosion problems are observed in many compressor plants, in different geographical locations, applications and industries.

To solve this problem, Alfaintek proposes installing intake filters at the air inlet in axial compressors. This will remove corrosive contaminants from the air that affects the rotor disks or drums, rotor blades and stator vanes in axial flow air compressors. This will increase the life time of these parts and reduce the maintenance costs of axial compressors.

Alfaintek Axial Compressor Intake Filters clean the air to prevent the following issues with axial compressors:

  • vibration of the impellers caused by corroding components and causing damage to the cooler, diffusers and housings;
  • deterioration of cooling due to corrosion of the cooler.

Alfaintek Axial Compressor Intake Filters will improve the lifespan of the axial compressor by:

  • cleaning the air so that standard copper cooler tubes can be used even in contaminated environments;
  • eliminating unnecessary repair costs, by increasing the intervals between services;
  • reducing the initial cost of the compressor and allowing the use of less expensive spare parts whilst maintaining axial compressors efficiency.
Axial Compressors

Axial compressors are installed at compressor stations at industrial plants and supply compressed air for the operation of pneumatic systems. The air in industrial environments contain various pollution forms that expose the equipment to corrosion.

Due to the fact that corrosive gases increase the acidity of compressed air, an aggressive condensate is created, which starts to react on metal surfaces. As a result, this leads to vibration and loss efficiency for the axial compressors.

To minimize repairs and to increase the lifetime of axial compressors, it is recommended to use the Alfaintek Compressor Intake Filters to remove gaseous contaminants from the intake air.

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