Compressor Intake Filter

Compressor Intake FilterAlfaintek Compressor Intake Filter clean the air to prevent the following problems with compressors:

  • vibration of the impellers caused by corrosion products and damage of the cooler, diffusers and housings;
  • deterioration of cooling due to corrosion of the cooler;

Alfaintek Compressor Intake Filter clean the air to:

  • use of standard copper cooler tubes even in contaminated environments;
  • eliminate unnecessary repair costs, by increasing the intervals between service;
  • reduce the initial cost of the compressor and allows the use of less expensive spare parts;
    maintain compressor efficiency.

Compressors are installed at compressor stations in industrial premises and supply compressed air for the operation of pneumatic systems. In the air of industrial enterprises, various pollution forms that expose the equipment to corrosion.

Due to the fact that corrosive gases increase the acidity of compressed air, an aggressive condensate is created, that starts to act on metal surfaces. As a result, this leads to vibration and loss of compressor efficiency.

To minimize repairs, increase the life of the compressor, it is proposed to use Alfaintek Compressor Intake Filter to remove gaseous contaminants from the intake air.