Gas Phase Corrosion Control

Most industrial enterprises whose production facilities release pollutants into the atmosphere have the ongoing issue of maintaining good indoor air quality. 

Contaminants, as the result of industrial processes, are removed from the air by filters, designed to physically trap and hold tiny particles. Special air purification systems are required to remove gases, vapors and combustion by-products from the air. In this case, gas phase filtration is used, which is a more effective way of cleaning the incoming air from chemicals, odors and combustion by-products. Gas phase filtration uses specialized filter materials and chemicals which remove gaseous and corrosive pollutants from the air.

Most gas phase filtration systems use sorbents that adsorb chemicals and thus purify the air. The most common type of sorbent is activated carbon or charcoal, impregnated by various additives which trap vapors, gases, odors and chemicals in a very efficient way. A gas phase filtration application is usually installed at the air supply system of the building in question. Using this kind of filtration, the air enters the building already cleared of pollutants and corrosive particles.

Alfaintek Corrosion Control Equipment / Gas Phase Filtration systems are used in industries where fumes, vapors and chemicals are released into the air during the production process. These include production facilities, treatment facilities, the pulp and paper industry, oil refineries and agricultural storage facilities. Gas Phase Filtration for air purification and corrosion control is also needed in places where high air quality is vital for seamless operation, such as clean computer rooms, data centers, food processing plants in addition to museums and libraries.

We recommend our customers not to neglect air purification in rooms with electronic equipment. Our solution is the Alfaintek Corrosion Control Equipment / Gas Phase Filtration systems which remove these corrosive gases and protects the electronics from damage and malfunction which may cause substantial financial losses due to lengthened production times.

Corrosive air system

Polluted air is one of the greatest threats to the reliability of electronic equipment, which can lead to its complete failure and result in huge material losses, as well as creates a threat to life. The air in industrial environments, especially enterprises of the petrochemical, fuel, energy, mining, processing and pulp industries, sewage treatment and garbage processing enterprises, contains many types of pollution – corrosive, oxidizing, corrosive and toxic gases. These pollutants cause corrosion of electronics and integrated circuits. Even inconspicuous traces of corrosion can damage expensive equipment.

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