Chemical Filtration for Toxic Gases

Alfaintek produces customized filtration systems. From dust filters to chemical filters, our filtration systems remove the widest range of pollutants while fulfilling airflow and pressure drop requirements.

Alfaintek Chemical Air Purification (gas phase purification) uses special adsorbents to trap toxic gas, odours and particulate matter such as cooking gas, vaporized gaseous paints and building material vapors as well as car exhaust gases. They are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In removal of toxic gases Alfaintek uses adsorption, which is the physical process of binding a thin film of gas molecules to a large surface area.

Activated carbon is the most common adsorption medium in chemical air purifiers. Activated carbon is best suited for the removal of high molecular weight compounds: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, tullene and xylene.

Alfaintek Chemical Air Purification is used to control emissions of toxic gases to protect process, people and the environment. Chemical Air Purification adsorbs toxic chlorine (Cl2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or ammonia (NH3) which may result from a failure in the tank or storage system, providing immediate removal of gas leaks.

Chemical Filtration
Chemical air purification Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)