Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air scrubbers for different applications

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air scrubbers for special purposes like bomb shelter, saferooms and high altitude training.

People produce carbon dioxide while breathing and it is the major pollutant in the premises. A typical human exhales about 1 kg of carbon dioxide per day. In the underground shelters and bunkers or in the safe sealed room it's not the lack of oxygen that could kill people, it's the buildup of carbon dioxide. That is why control of the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the air in the underground shelters and bunkers or in the safe room by carbon dioxide air scrubbers is extremely important.

It is worth to equip underground shelters and bunkers with carbon dioxide scrubber because during the first hours of a nuclear attack, smoke, carbon monoxide, and radiation particles could overcome the ventilation and filtration systems. Using proper portable carbon dioxide air scrubbers in underground shelters and bunkers or in the safe room people may stay without ventilation for several days.

In case of ground fires, the air blowers of ventilation should not be turned on to bring in fresh air. During this time, people in the shelters must breathe in a sealed shelter atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide buildup

Unventilated safe rooms or underground shelters and bunkers that are tightly sealed cannot be occupied for long periods without the risk of high carbon dioxide levels if they are not equipped with carbon dioxide scrubbers.

In case if you plan to accommodate more people than your underground shelter and bunker can accommodate, carbon dioxide scrubber is must to have.

The duration is shown below for different number of adults in the same sealed shelter.

Some companies which sell underground shelters and bunkers and ventilation for shelters say that carbon dioxide level in their underground shelters and bunkers is safe. But if carbon dioxide level in the shelter may rise up to 1% it is not already safe for people especially for children, elder and sick people, for asthmatics and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Carbon dioxide scrubbers may keep carbon dioxide level in underground shelters and bunkers even up to 0,1% (1000ppm), like it is in the well-ventilated room.

Carbon dioxide scrubbers have charcoal filters to purify the internal air from dust, particles, smells and VOC. They have very low power consumption and in case of emergency can run on battery power.

With carbon dioxide scrubbers in the shelter and safe room people would not suffer from poor air quality at all!

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