Tank Vent Dryers

Tank Vent DryerAlfaintek Tank Vent Dryers - the solution to moisture, corrosion and contaminants problems for any vented, closed system operation.

Alfaintek Tank Vent Dryers eliminate condensation of moisture from the air coming into the storage tanks. This decreases the corrosion ability of stored corrosive products, and controls rust corrosion in the air void portion of all storage tanks. Our Tank Vent Dryers help the stored products which have the ability to mix with water be stored and drained with a higher level of purity.

Benefits of Alfaintek Tank Vent Dryers:

  • Alfaintek Tank Vent Dryers are suitable for large storage tanks with high airflow 
  • Tank Vent Dryers can keep pressure drop lower then 250Pa or 2,5mbar
  • Standard material Al galvanized steel or stainless steel. 
  • Due to special construction Alfaintek Tank Vent Dryers can operate in cold or hot climate. Easy maintenance, with problem-free cartridge exchangeFlange connection
  • Can be equipped with pressure/vacuum relive valve


Alfaintek Tank Vent Dryers can be equipped with special filters for neutralization of the gases being produced during the filling of the tank. This filters can remove such contaminants  as Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Sulphur Dioxide, etc.


All Alfaintek Tank Vent Dryers  models are standard, with leg mountings which are placed on the ground near the tanks for easy access and inspection. Most Tank Vent Dryers are installed outdoors, and it is recommended that they be placed on the north side of tanks in the shading from direct sun rays for lower temperature operation. 

Incoming air (from normal venting or during liquid pump-out) must pass through ahighly efficient desiccant in the Tank Vent Dryers before entering the tank. The desiccant is capable of absorbing a considerable amount of moisture before it approaches its saturation point, then it should be replaced. Low pressure drop 2,5 mbar through the desiccant isprovided by the special construction of the Tank Vent Dryers.


As moisture is a contaminant for practically any tank-stored product, reduction of this moisture content by the tank vent dryers can only improve the service life of the storage tank and the purity of the stored products. That is why Tank Vent Dryers is a must for all storage tanks.

    Tank Vent Dryers prevent atmospheric moisture from entering storage tanks during “breathing” due to ambient temperature changes and draining periods. Valuable chemical solutions, oils, semi-solids and powders remain free of water contamination. 


    Dryers help the stored products which have the ability to mix with water be stored and drained with a higher level of purity.


    Typical adsorbents which can be   used in our Tank Vent Dryers are:  Silica Gel, wide range of Activated Carbon and Chemical Sorbents. The selective use of desiccant such as silica gel together with a wide range of other adsorbents in its Tank Vent Dryers enables Alfaintek to offer a high level of protection to a wide range of materials.