Tank Vent HEPA&Odour Filters for Storage Tanks

Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks  are used for adsorption of hazardous and pollutant chemical vapours produced during thermal breathing, filling or draining of closed pressureless storage tanks 


Benefits of Alfaintek Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks :

  • One Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks  even for a large storage tank with high airflow 
  • Due to the unique design one Tank Vent Filters at the same time can solve several problems of the incoming and outgoing air. 
  • Standard material Al galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel.
  • Super tough corrosion resistant construction for long lasting in-field operation.
  • Special construction of Tank Vent Filters for operation in cold or hot climate.
  • Will not freeze in winter, retaining filtration effectiveness
  • A range of special activated carbons can control the odorous, hazardous or toxic vapor contaminants of the displaced air arising from tank vent
  • Ease of handling, with problem-free cartridge exchange
  • Can be equipped with pre filter
  • Low pressure drop tank breather filters design to avoid dangerous over-pressurization of storage tanks. Tank Vent filters can keep pressure drop lower then 250Pa or 2,5mbar
  • Alfaintek Tank Vent filters are manufactured in a standard range of designs and sizes or may be custom built to suit specific filtration requirements.
  • Filtration efficiency is up to 99,9%Suitable for installation in enclosed and outside positions
  • Flange connection
  • Can be equipped with pressure/vacuum relive valve


Clean air must be allowed to flow into the tank when it is emptied and when the tank is filled, air must be able to escape. Alfaintek Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks are designed to allow sufficient air flow to match the rate at which liquid is added or removed or during thermal breathing of the tank. By passing through a tank vent filter the air can be cleaned of dirt, chemical compound and water vapor that could spoil the liquid in the tank or  from odorous, hazardous or toxic vapour contaminant which can escape from the tank.


For a Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks  to function properly, the proper absorption media must be chosen according to the type of the chemicals in incoming or outgoing air. The life of the absorption media in the Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks  will depend upon a number of factors including environmental conditions, airflow rates, gases present, gas levels, system size, the type of media and the operating temperature of the system as well. When the filtration media is become saturated tank vent filter’s cartridges should be replaced and after that the filter is ready to work again.


In general, high temperatures will have a negative impact on filter life. But Alfaintek Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks can be constructed in a special way to prevent high temperature impact on the filter.

To maintain proper air flow in the tank, tank vent filter sizing becomes a very critical process. Proper sizing of a tank vent filter is very important to prevent damage to the tank. That is why it is needed to know:

a) The design flow rate of air through the Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks  or maximum discharge or filling liquid rate. The flow rate of air into or out of the tank will correspond to the rate that the tank is drained or filled.

b) Thermal inbreathing and outbreathing of the tank.

c) The maximum and minimum operating temperature of Tank Vent Odour Filters for Storage Tanks.

Storage tanks located indoors, outdoors and underground are subject to accumulations of moisture, dust and chemicals though vent caps, that is why Tank Vent Filters is must to have.