Altitude chamber. Breathe real mountain air during training in the altitude chamber

CO2 Air ScrubberPlease note, that carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the mountains - 0,03% СO2.

Typical carbon dioxide (CO2) level in altitude chambers, tents, rooms - 0,5% СO2.

Breathing the air with elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the altitude chamber triggers hypercapnia symptoms and can make hypoxia symptoms worse. Altitude/hypoxic chambers are used for altitude training at the sea level. Simulated altitude training at the sea level has the same benefits as altitude training somewhere at the mountains. During such training athletes breathe in oxygen reduced air.  Altitude chambers for training or sleeping are air tight. Fresh air supply is not sufficient. 

If you really want to breathe with  high quality air during altitude training you should remember that in the mountains the air contains only 0,03% CO2 (carbon dioxide). During sleeping in the altitude chamber or tent one person exhales about 5 gallons /24 l CO2 each hour. During training in the altitude chamber carbon dioxide (CO2) production rate per hour can grow up to 50 gallons /240 l of pure carbon dioxide (CO2) or even more.ASHRAE standards recommend that indoor CO2 levels not exceed 0,1%.

High altitude training

Elevated CO2 level during training or sleeping in the altitude chamber can be harmful for the health and can lead to hypercapnia. Hypercapnia is a condition where there is too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the blood.

Mild hypercapnia symptoms :

  • Headache
  • Flushed skin
  • Full pulse
  • Shortage of breathe
  • Elevation in arterial blood pressure
  • Fatigue


Elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the altitude chamber can also make hypoxia symptoms worse. Neither hypoxic generators nor the air separation units are able to maintain comfort and safe carbon dioxide (CO2) level. That is why one should use carbon dioxide (CO2) scrubber to remove the excess carbon dioxide being produced by breathing in the altitude chamber.

Altitude chamber

ALFAINTEK CO2 Air Scrubbers maintain comfort and safe ambient carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the altitude cambers and tents. CO2 Air Scrubbers can be of different capacity for altitude chamber or a sleeping room. ALFAINTEK offers  CO2 Air Scrubbers for altitude training and sleeping chambers and tents.

CO2 scrubbers can be supplied with special  filter to remove unpleasant smells as well besidesCO2.